We’re raising money for Child’s Play Charity!


Child’s Play Charity improves the lives of children in pediatric hospitals and domestic abuse shelters through the generosity of the greater gaming community and the power of play.

From August 1-4th, we’ll be running a donation drive at our Gen Con booth 2535 and here on our website.

During Gen Con, we will be raising money at booth #2535 as well as with active players in our online community. For a small donation to the charity at our booth at Gen Con we’ll be giving away limited edition Active Player Network d6’s, or at least until we run out of dice! Pick up 1 for $5, 2 for $10, or 4 $15- the perfect amount to roll up a new character for your next RPG session! We’ll also have information on Child’s Play and other giveaway items from them available at our booth.

Leading up to Gen Con, we’ll be raising awareness for the work Child’s Play does, so we’re starting online donations NOW!

In addition, we're collaborating with our game publishing allies to make your donations worth even more:

  • Mind Clash Games will be matching the first $500 donated.

  • Metallic Dice Games will be contributing an additional $200 if we raise $1000.

Already, as a result of these efforts, Brotherwise Games, Gamelyn Games, Leder Games, and Portal Games have already begun collaborating with Chiild's Play to donate copies of games to board game libraries at pediatric hospitals and shelters.