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This prize pack includes the following:

  1. Root from Leder Games

  2. Empires of the North from Portal Games

  3. Spyfall Time Travel from Cryptozoic

  4. DC DBG Rebirth from Cryptozoic

  5. Epic Spell Wars DBG from Cryptozoic

  6. Arraial from Pandasaurus Games

  7. Machi Koro from Pandasaurus Games

  8. Dinosaur Island from Pandasaurus Games

  9. Call to Adventure from Brotherwise Games

  10. Cerebria from Mind Clash Games

  11. Tiny Epic Zombies from Gamelyn Games

  12. Tiny Epic Defenders from Gamelyn Games

  13. Tiny Epic Quest from Gamelyn Games

  14. Tiny Epic Western from Gamelyn Games

  15. Tiny Epic Galaxies from Gamelyn Games

  16. Child’s Play Charity Water Bottle

  17. Child’s Play Charity Battery Pack

The winner will be randomly selected from signups made both at Gen Con Booth 2535 and online between August 1-4 2019, and announced after Gen Con. They will be contacted so that we can mail them their prize.