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Interview: D&D Therapist Megan Connell

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Interview: D&D Therapist Megan Connell


Meet Megan Connell

Clinical Psychologist and Gamer

The Dragon Talk podcast is a great Wizards of the Coast resource for Dungeons & Dragons fan culture, lore, and much more!

They recently interviewed clinical psychologist and gamer Megan Connell about her work with therapeutic D&D. She dungeon masters two separate therapeutic D&D groups that have been running for over a year. With players between the ages of 11-18 years old at levels between 1 and 6 based on how long they've been at the table, one party focuses on the development of social skills, and the second is an all girls group focusing on empowerment and leadership skills development because Connell didn't feel there were enough girls gaming and wanted to create that opportunity in an nurturing environment. She soon hopes to start a group for former active duty veterans. 

Below, you can watch Connell's interview or check out the entire podcast which also features "Lore You Should Know" with Chris Perkins. 

Dragon Talk is hosted by Greg Tito (@gregtito) and Shelly Mazzanoble (@shellymoo).

Follow Megan on Twitter: @MeganPsyD

You can watch Megan Connell play in a D&D Game with other licensed professionals on Clinical Roll and see her host the YouTube series "Psych at the Table" show on the G33ks Like Us Youtube Channel. 

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