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Gen Con Demo Table Schedule


Gen Con Demo Table Schedule

It’s Gen Con Week! It’s finally here! By now you know we’ll be at booth 2535, that we’ll be filming new episodes of our shows, and that we’ll be demoing a whole bunch of games. If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll even know that some of these games will be on rotation because we just don’t have enough tables or demo staff to have every game available every day. We’ve been saying we’ll have a schedule for you, and here it is!


GenCon Demo table 1.jpg

Table 1: 

Tokaido and Namiji by Funforge. We will have representatives from Funforge there to demo both of these games. Namiji will not be available until the fall, so this is a great opportunity to learn a new game!


Gen Con demo table 2.jpg

Table 2: 

Catch the Moon by Bombyx. We will have this game available for demo and purchase all weekend.


GenCon Demo table 3.jpg

Table 3: 

Thursday: Azul by Next Move Games

Friday: Tuki by Next Move Games

Saturday: Century: A New World by Plan B Games

Sunday: Men at Work by Pretzel Games


Table 4: 

Thursday: Naruto Boruto Card Game by Bandai

Friday: Dragon Ball Super Series 7 by Bandai

Saturday: Godzilla Card Game by Bandai

Sunday: Dragon Ball Super Series 7 by Bandai.

We will have representatives from Bandai here to demo these games.


We are, of course, hoping you’ll stop by and visit us every day of Gen Con, but does this demo schedule make you prioritize certain days? Let us know, and we’ll see you soon!


Gen Con Demo Table Spotlight: Tuki, Azul, and Century: A New World


Gen Con Demo Table Spotlight: Tuki, Azul, and Century: A New World

Happy Friday, active players! Today we’re spotlighting 3 fantastic games we’ll be demoing during Gen Con at booth (say it with me) 2535! No time to waste on a snappy intro, let’s talk games!


Tuki -Next Move Games

Have you ever wanted to play Tetris with real blocks? Do you like games that require spatial awareness and puzzle-solving? If you answered yes, you’ll love Tuki.


Your goal is to be the fastest to build a Tukilik, a 3-D object that denotes certain meanings in the Inuit culture.  Basically, you have to make the colored blocks match the drawing on the card, and you use the white snow pieces to help support the structure. What you roll on the die determines how you set up the card and how you’re allowed to build your Tukilik. If you’re curious what this looks like, we have a video of Anne and Emily playing.

Tuki is a game that you have to play at least once. It takes less than a minute to learn, and about a minute to play a round. And I can honestly say that every single person I have shown this game to said they would play it again. Come see us at Gen Con and play a round with us! (Maybe not me specifically, I have been known to knock a tower down if I’m losing) 

Azul -Next Move Games

 Do you like games that require strategy? Do you like making moves that screw over your friends, and sometimes yourself in the process? Then you should stop by and try Azul.

Photo by The Review Board

Photo by The Review Board

In this game,you’re collecting different types of (beautifully designed) tiles trying to create sets. You are all pulling from the same pile set, so turn order is key, as is what group of tiles you choose. The theming is simple, and I’ve mentioned before that it’s a great game for people who have tried super easy board games and are ready to try something with a bit more meat. 

This game requires a lot of strategy, and you get better the more you play. But luckily, we’ll have it available for purchase as well as demo.


Century: A New World- Plan B Games

Do you like worker placement games? Do you like the other Century games? Then Century: A New World is the game you should come try!

The final installment in the Century series debuted at Origins and sold out in the early hours of day 2. In this game, you’re placing workers and cubes, and then swapping them out to upgrade to better cubes to earn victory points. Century: A New World is an excellent introduction to the worker placement genre, and as Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower said, it’s easy to learn and turns go by quickly, so you are constantly engaged. 




All three of these games will be in rotation at our booth, and that schedule should be released next week. So stay tuned, check back, and let us know which games you’re most looking forward to!


What are We Demoing at Gen Con?


What are We Demoing at Gen Con?

Making plans for Gen Con? Be sure to visit us at booth 2535! We’ll be demoing a ton of awesome games, and for the first time we’ll also have them available for purchase! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re planning:




The journey is more important than the destination with Tokaido! You play a traveler along the east sea road (what Tokaido actually means) in Japan, having wonderful experiences along the way and trying to be the player who has the best time. Tokaido is coming up on its 5th anniversary so it seems like the perfect time to help make some new fans.


Catch the Moon

Stack the ladders as tall as you can, and don’t let them fall or you’ll make the moon cry! We’ve demoed this game before and in doing so we’ve learned that this truly is a game for all ages. It’s super easy to learn so definitely come by and play a few rounds.



We have too many games and not enough table space, so these next four games will be on rotation at one table. Check back as we get closer to Gen Con for a complete schedule of when you can find each game.


Men at Work


Men at Work is a fun little dexterity game where you’re building a “work zone” for meeples in tiny little hardhats. Follow the instructions on the cards to add to your work area: a beam, a worker, a worker holding supplies, you never know. Make sure your hard hats don’t fall off, or you’ll lose a safety certificate! It puts a new spin on the term “worker placement game”.


Century: New World

Plan B’s final installment of the Century trilogy, fresh from its release at Origins, will be hitting the table at the Active Player Network booth! Come learn all about this worker placement-style game and add to your Century collection.




The winner of the 2018 Spiel des Jahres award, the 2017 Golden Geek Best Family Game of the Year, and many more, this tile placement game has gorgeous artwork and easy-to-learn gameplay. Azul is as stunning to look at as it is to play. If you don’t know how to play yet, come on by and we’ll show you. 



It’s a race against your friends to see who can build the shape on the cards first. You use the white blocks to help support the shape of your gray, purple, blue (and yellow, if you’re playing advanced) blocks. Easy to learn but only the truly dedicated can master these shapes!



The final table at the booth will be dedicated just to card games, and we will have official Bandai staff at the booth to help teach these awesome games that will be rotating throughout the weekend. Just in time for series 7 to drop, we’ll have the very popular Dragon Ball Super card game. We will also have the Naruto Boruto cardgame, as well as the highly anticipated Godzilla Card Game due to release in September. Both of those games use the Chrono Clash game system created by renowned designer Ryan Miller. Whether you’ve played these before or you’re curious about how they work, it’s definitely a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best possible source.



 That’s it for today’s Gen Con update, active players! Keep checking back as we continue to keep you posted on everything you can look forward to. We will have an official game rotation schedule as the con gets closer, and you can always come visit us at booth 2535 once you’re there to learn more. See you there!