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Starfinder: Alien Archive 2


Starfinder: Alien Archive 2

If you’re not playing the Starfinder RPG from Paizo Inc. then you need to start. An epic space fantasy epic is waiting for you! The Core Rule book launched a little over a year ago and since then we’ve gotten 4 adventure modules and accessories like their best in class Combat Pad, miniatures, and condition cards. The original Core Rulebook offered a variety of playable races and seven classes and their first Alien archive expanded the playable races with 20 more to choose from.

Why is this important? The Core Rulebook gave us a balance new aliens like the telepathically gifted Lashunta and fierce rat-like Ysoki as well as old Golarion classics like Elves and Dwarves. That being said, role playing in space calls for a veritable galaxy of options for both the GM and players at the table and while 20 more in the first Alien Archive was great, our imaginations can always expand to make room for more!


Alien Archive 2 meets that challenge and does not disappoint! With 65 chapters and 100+ creatures from across the galaxy, this tome also boasts information for 16 playable races that run the gambit from humanoid, to insect, to upright sentient mammalian options. You can truly live your best cantina life. Not to be overlooked is the inclusion of Aasimar, Tieflings, and Orcs to some of the more classic high fantasy related options.

On the GM side of the table, the folks at Paizo Inc. have made it easier to customize creatures by providing grafts. These are stats that allow you to mix creatures together for infinite possibilities and killer combinations.

One of my biggest struggles is creating/finding gear to provide my players with. Story and battles come easily to me but rewards are hard - especially when I’m just looking at a long list of gear. What I love about Alien Archive 2 is that it places related gear in the chapter on various creatures giving me some great suggestions for what to reward my players with after an encounter or what to place in shops on a planet where that race is prevalent.

Starfinder Alien Archive 2 is in stores now and ready for you to discover the far reaches of space and uncover the mysteries that The Gap left behind! Look for it at your FLGS where you’ll typically find it listed for $39.99 MSRP. Tots’ worth every penny whether you’re a player or a GM.

Which Aliens will you be including in your Starfinder Campaign?


Gettin' Mini with It: Pathfinder Pawns


Gettin' Mini with It: Pathfinder Pawns

Do you want an arsenal of pawns for your RPG's? We can't recommend Paizo's Pathfinder Pawns enough when it comes to volume, variety, and cost!

DnDLetsRoll_Week03_GottaCatchEmAll_PaizosPathfinderPawns (1).jpg

The NPC codex is fantastic for all of your humanoid needs, whether you're letting your players choose one to represent them or you need to table a hoard of cultists to face off against their heroes. You'll find all the most common races represented - including halflings and gnomes - of all classes/genders. This is some of the best money you can spend if you're not ready to dive into miniature collecting and the boxes work for easy storage that fits right on your shelf next to your rule books.

Are you looking for monsters or something to represent druid or polymorph forms? Bestiary boxes are your best bet! They have a mixture of classic monsters and animals with beautiful art to match. If you are playing Pathfinder, each box's number corresponds to the bestiary book number so you won't have to guess whether what you're looking for is inside.

Looking to split the difference? The Pathfinder Society Pawn Collection features several humanoid and creature options for your table. These correspond to the Pathfinder Society adventure, but can easily be used for any game.

One of the best parts about these boxes is they come with stands that represent correct size foot prints from medium sized creatures on up to huge so you can be sure you're getting an accurate sense of scale even though each pawn is flat.

Do you own any of these boxes? How are you using them in your games?


Quest Accepted: The Dungeon Master's Starter Kit and Dice Galore!


Quest Accepted: The Dungeon Master's Starter Kit and Dice Galore!

Welcome to week two of D&D: Let's Roll! This week, we'll be focusing on taking our next steps into the larger world of role playing. This week of content is all about actually sitting down to play Dungeons & Dragons and will assist you with gathering all the tools you need whether you're planning to be a Dungeon Master or a player. We want to make sure that you have a list of items that will make you comfortable with managing the rules and focused on story telling with your friends, which is where the magic happens!


This is my recommended DM starter kit! For real, taking up the mantle of Dungeon Master can be intimidating. Having the right tools from Wizards of the Coast means you can keep the emphasis on immersive story telling through-out role play and combat.

While the Player's handbook covers all the rules you'll need to know, the Dungeon Master's Guide expands your arsenal of world-building tips, alternative rules to suit your play-style, and a cornucopia of magical items to bestow on your adventurers. The Monster Manual provides a non stop shop of creatures to help and hinder the party and keep them guessing about both the horrors and wonders they'll face.

Nothing makes you feel more like a DM than your very own screen! Confidence only grows when you can spread out your notes, miniatures, and more under cover of darkness! You'll have combat actions, DC ratings, and condition rules all at your finger tips. Character Condition Tokens give you the tools to run monsters with more complicated abilities, track any conditions they force on the party and keep your friends on their toes as you increase the challenges they face.

Adventure Grids allow you to quickly sketch battlemaps with wet erase markers and ensure faire and equitable combat for both Dungeon Master and Player Characters.

Lastly, a tool that will follow you to any role playing system is Paizo's Starfinder Combat Pad. Magnets allow you to track initiative order for heroes and villains and rounds - as well as make notes about hit point totals in wet erase marker. This is truly one of the best tools on the market to improve your game.

With these basic tools, even brave new DM's will be ready to roll!


Whether you're the Dungeon Master or a Player, you're going to need a set of 7 polyhedral dice to get rolling! Each dice is referred to as "d" followed by the number of sides it has.

A D20 is used for attacks and skill checks. It is the most commonly rolled of your set and will determine whether you succeed at doing what your character wants to do.

You'll use your d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12 for determning the damage of your attacks.

A d10 percentile dice might be used if you're a wild mage, using a magical item with myriad possible effects, or if you're a faith based class calling upon the power of your god. They aren't used often, but it's often exciting when they are!

Chessex makes a great range of colorful and exciting polyhedral dice that are sure to enchant and inspire you at the table.