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Advanced Adventuring: Metallic Dice


Advanced Adventuring: Metallic Dice

We can't talk about Dungeons & Dragons without discussing a very real threat within the hobby: Dice Addiction. To my knowledge - the only cure for it to gather more dice in fancier materials in hopes that those that have been foretold at last make an appearance and the hunger subsides.

What I can say is that at some point: plastic will no longer satisfy our wanton need for fate touched polyhedrals. We need something that honors the weight of our heroic decisions and Metallic Dice Games offers a large span of metal dice to satisfy your cravings at an affordable price! Whether you want dice that feel like gold nuggets or a set that feels like it got lost in the fey wild, you'll find a shining rainbow of options at your FLGS!



Quest Accepted: The Dungeon Master's Starter Kit and Dice Galore!


Quest Accepted: The Dungeon Master's Starter Kit and Dice Galore!

Welcome to week two of D&D: Let's Roll! This week, we'll be focusing on taking our next steps into the larger world of role playing. This week of content is all about actually sitting down to play Dungeons & Dragons and will assist you with gathering all the tools you need whether you're planning to be a Dungeon Master or a player. We want to make sure that you have a list of items that will make you comfortable with managing the rules and focused on story telling with your friends, which is where the magic happens!


This is my recommended DM starter kit! For real, taking up the mantle of Dungeon Master can be intimidating. Having the right tools from Wizards of the Coast means you can keep the emphasis on immersive story telling through-out role play and combat.

While the Player's handbook covers all the rules you'll need to know, the Dungeon Master's Guide expands your arsenal of world-building tips, alternative rules to suit your play-style, and a cornucopia of magical items to bestow on your adventurers. The Monster Manual provides a non stop shop of creatures to help and hinder the party and keep them guessing about both the horrors and wonders they'll face.

Nothing makes you feel more like a DM than your very own screen! Confidence only grows when you can spread out your notes, miniatures, and more under cover of darkness! You'll have combat actions, DC ratings, and condition rules all at your finger tips. Character Condition Tokens give you the tools to run monsters with more complicated abilities, track any conditions they force on the party and keep your friends on their toes as you increase the challenges they face.

Adventure Grids allow you to quickly sketch battlemaps with wet erase markers and ensure faire and equitable combat for both Dungeon Master and Player Characters.

Lastly, a tool that will follow you to any role playing system is Paizo's Starfinder Combat Pad. Magnets allow you to track initiative order for heroes and villains and rounds - as well as make notes about hit point totals in wet erase marker. This is truly one of the best tools on the market to improve your game.

With these basic tools, even brave new DM's will be ready to roll!


Whether you're the Dungeon Master or a Player, you're going to need a set of 7 polyhedral dice to get rolling! Each dice is referred to as "d" followed by the number of sides it has.

A D20 is used for attacks and skill checks. It is the most commonly rolled of your set and will determine whether you succeed at doing what your character wants to do.

You'll use your d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12 for determning the damage of your attacks.

A d10 percentile dice might be used if you're a wild mage, using a magical item with myriad possible effects, or if you're a faith based class calling upon the power of your god. They aren't used often, but it's often exciting when they are!

Chessex makes a great range of colorful and exciting polyhedral dice that are sure to enchant and inspire you at the table.


Where Can I Watch Dungeons & Dragons?


Where Can I Watch Dungeons & Dragons?

With all the amazing "Let's Play" videos for other tabletop board games, it's no wonder that the mysteries and improvisational nature of sandbox Dungeons & Dragons sends folks running to the dark corners of the interwebs in search of ways to watch the game being played. Look no further, because I have a problem and an obsession with watching people play D&D and I've put it to good use by collecting some of my very favorite games so that you can pencil them in and watch the magic happen!


Acquisitions Incorporated has been doing live games at PAXes around the world for over a decade and last year, Penny Arcade transmuted this fan favorite into a weekly Twitch Stream Event. The game is Dungeon Mastered by the inimitable Jerry Holkins, also known as Omin Dran and the writer of Penny Arcade the webcomic. The featured players are illustrator and designer Amy T. Falcone, Penny Arcade Director of Events Ryan Hartman, D&D Game Designer and #babywizard Kate Welch, and cartoonist Kris Straub. 

Current Classes: Paladin, Druid, Monk, Warlock

Style: This game feels informal and genuinely like friends doing their best to make each other laugh and create great role playing opportunities for the table. It's tempered by Jerry's incredible characters and always on point diction - the man has a diction affliction! That being said, if you're looking for a combat heavy game, this isn't where you'll find it. There is definitely combat, but there are never battle maps. 

If 3 hour games aren't your thing and you'd like to see a more edited version, you can watch Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series

“Acquisitions Incorporated: The C Team" airs live on Twitch Wednesdays from 4:00 - 7:00pm PST

D&D Game Designer/Writer and DM to the Stars, Chris Perkins leads host and video game personality Anna Prosser Robinson, artist/cosplayer/storyteller Holly Conrad, game reviewer and comedian ProJared, and voice actor/musician Nathan Sharp through the newest D&D published campaigns in Dice, Camera, Action

Current Classes: Paladin, Bard, Sorcerer, Rogue

Style: Good natured fun that gets darker as you go on. Chris Perkins offers lots of difficult decisions and victory is always short lived for "The Waffle Crew." Watching this show is a great way for DM's to see how to weave prewritten campaigns into unique character choices. The game is played online and the players never seem disconnected despite playing from lots of different areas. Due to playing online, this game doesn't typically use maps and as such, works well as a podcast.

Dice, Camera, Action! airs Tuesdays at 4PM PST on the D&D Twitch


Watch DM Matthew Mercer play Dungeons & Dragons with a group of nerdy ass voice actors in one of the most epic live RPG's on Twitch, Critical Role. Other performers include Same Riegel, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Rey, Liam O'Brien, Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, and Travis Willingham. The first campaign wrapped up in the fall of 2017 and featured over 100 episodes. The current campaign is nearly 30 episodes strong. The setting is Exandria, a rich fantasy world created by Mercer and expounded upon in both his Tal'dorei and Wildemount campaigns.  

Current Classes: Rogue, Cleric, Monk, Wizard, Barbarian, Warlock

Style: Immersive role play is a hallmark of Critical Role. These performers drop into character and never falter. Character death is a real threat to be feared. Mercer is a tough but fair DM who shows his finesse by playing off of player choices at the drop of a hat and changing tacks quickly. Giant Dwarven Forge maps area a hallmark of this stream. With a huge cast, these actors are  skilled at giving focus to each other and supporting the gift of a storyline that Mercer weaves around them. You will laugh. You will cry. You will love. Your life will probably be changed. If you're not watching or listening to the podcast, it's time to start. 

Critical Role airs 7-11pm PST Thursdays on Twitch


Produced by Dungeons & Dragons on Twitch, Force Grey explores the Tomb of Annihilation and features Matthew Mercer as the DM, and players Joe Manganiello, Deborah Ann Woll, Brian Posehn, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Dylan Sprouse.

Current Classes: Rogue, Barbarian, Bard, Paladin, Druid.

Style: Matt's fearless attack of NPC role play and the skilled cast wring out all the story telling you could ask for from the campaign module and the pre-edited format makes it very easy to consume the episodes and get a feel for Tomb of Annihilation. 

Style: High production quality and bite sized edited 30 minute episodes make this show less intimidating to consume for new players. 

You can catch up on the Force Grey series here.  


The female powered roleplaying powerhouse game features Kimberly Hidalgo, Alice Greczyn, Erika Fermina, Rachel Seeley, Allie Gonino, Sujata Day, Kelen Coleman, and DM Kelley Lyn D'Angelo. These talented performers have a whole series of prerecorded and edited 15 minute episodes that make them easy to consume. Ichabod Ferndweller is must see TV. If you're looking for something with a longer format, you can on D&D's Twitch Channel. 

Current Classes: Druid, Ranger, Paladin, Bard, Fighter, Cleric, Barbarian

Style: This fun-loving group is a joy to watch and character races tend towards the fantastical from Tieflings to Pixies to Dragonborn. 

Catch Girls Guts Glory - YouTube - Sundays 3pm PST on the D&D Twitch Stream

There's only one hard and fast rule in Sirens of the Realms and that's that everyone has to take at least one level of bard! Join Dungeon Master and D&D Community Manager Satine Phoenix as she takes an all-girl band on adventures throughout Faerun. This eclectic medley of heroes left the safety of their homes to follow their dreams. What could possibly go wrong? This stream stars  Vivid Vivka, Kate Elliott, Ladee Danger, Cynthia Marie & special guests along the way. 

Classes: Bard, Ranger, Monk, Druid, Wizard

Style: It's great to see a lady heavy game in the space and Satine is an experienced DM whose love of the game and her players shines through. With many special guests like Taliesin Jaffe and Jason Charles Miller. This game makes liberal use of maps, miniatures and interesting foes from across the D&D cannon.

Watch Sirens of the Realms Tuesdays at 6PM PST on the D&D Twitch Stream.