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Metallic Dice Giveaway!


Metallic Dice Giveaway!

Happy Friday, active players! Today we’re going to spotlight one of our incredible partners that contributed to our Mega Game Basket Giveaway that we’re running from August 1-4.

Metallic Dice Games offers premium gaming dice and accessories. They have dice of different materials, from acrylic, to metallic, to gemstone, in various fonts and colors. They offer mega d20’s and miniature full sets; they even have glow-in-the-dark and unicorn dice! They also have velvet lined dice trays and bags to keep both your dice and your table safe. In short, if you’re looking for something specific, they probably have it. Or if you’re like me and you want the dice to speak to you and tell you what kind of character they’re meant for, there’s a lot of beautiful options to choose from.

In our Mega Game Basket Giveaway (I always imagine a reverb every time I type that), we are giving away several different sets of dice from Metallic Dice Games, along with accessories like dice trays. All you have to do to win is sign up for our mailing list, which you will be able to do here starting August 1st, so save the link. 

Metallic Dice Games has also generously offered to donate $200 to our Roll 4 Child’s Play charity drive (which you can donate to here) once we reach $1,000. 


“But wait”, you say! “I really want to win these dice! How can I increase my chances?” If you will be attending Gen Con, stop by our booth (#2535) and donate in person! We’ll be giving away our limited-edition APN d6’s as a thank you for the donation (1 for $5, 2 for $10 or 4 for $15). If you take a picture/video of your dice and post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #Roll4ChildsPlay you’ll have a chance to win a set of resin dice and a dice tray from Metallic Dice Games! We’ll be selecting the posts that have the highest number of likes for both Instagram and Twitter, so start telling your friends about it now so they can boost your numbers (it’s not cheating, these dice are really cool).


Active players, we are so excited about this Mega Game Basket Giveaway and we hope you are too. Keep your eyes on this blog and follow us on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube so you don’t miss any updates on the giveaway, the Roll 4 Child’s Play charity drive, all of our Gen Con antics, and the latest news about new and upcoming games.


What is Child's Play?


What is Child's Play?

Happy Tuesday, active players! We’re hoping you’re getting hype for Gen Con, and for our Child’s Play charity drive, #Roll4ChildsPlay. Remember, while you can of course donate at the convention at booth 2535, online donations are happening now. Mind Clash Games is going to be matching the first $500 raised and Metallic Dice Games will be adding an additional $200 once we make it to $1,000. 

 But what IS Child’s Play, you may ask? (No, not the movie with the doll)


What is Child’s Play? 


Child’s Play is a charity designed to bring games (both video and tabletop) to children’s hospitals and domestic abuse shelters across the United States. They currently work with over 180 hospitals, and they continue to grow as gamers like you continue to help.

 As gamers, we are all aware of the ways in which playing games help us unwind, or destress, or distract ourselves from the anxiety in our lives. We kick back with a video game on the couch, we meet with friends to play a board game, we play online with our friends. Now imagine you’re a child in a hospital. Suddenly those games become even more important than they already were; that need to destress or distract yourself is even more understandable. Having a game at that moment can be momentous. Hospitals are scary, even for adults. And you really don’t think about how crucial having that distraction, or that feeling of normalcy in this chaotic environment, can be until you’ve experienced it yourself. 

Child’s Play works directly with hospitals to provide them exactly the games they’re looking for, which kids can then check out like a library book to use in their rooms, or they can play together in playrooms. One testimonial stated, “last year two teenage boys were able to game together from their rooms even though they were often in isolation and rarely saw each other in person.” For those children on bedrest, the games become exponentially more necessary. Another added that the video game systems, “allow our older patients to enjoy their time at the hospital, forget the often (physically and emotionally) painful conditions/treatment, and spend time with their brothers, sisters, and visiting friends like they did at home.” You can read more testimonials from hospital employees and parents here.

“What’s interesting about the program is that the majority of our donations don’t come from corporate sponsors or corporate contributors, they come from individuals” -Robert Khoo, former Managing Director for Child’s Play

This charity is for gamers and it supported by gamers. We who play are the backbone for this organization and our donations keep it running and help these kids. We at APN are so excited to be able to give back and support this wonderful charity. 



At booth 2535 at Gen Con, we will be giving out limited edition APN D6’s as a thank you for your donations. For $5 you get 1 die, for $10 you get 2 dice, and for a donation of $15 or more you’ll get 4 d6’s, which is the perfect amount to roll up a new RPG character (we suggest they have a love of pineapples). We will also have some Child’s Play swag to give out, and we will be around to answer any questions you may have. This is all while supplies last, so swing by and donate as soon as you can.


To go with this dice giveaway we are using the hashtag #Roll4ChildsPlay. If you donate in person with us and receive your dice, we ask that you take a photo or video with them and use that hashtag. We will be selecting one random person using that hashtag to receive an extra prize as a thank-you for your generosity. 

If you can’t attend Gen Con this year, you can always donate online. The more we raise, the more our partners will match, so every little bit helps.


Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated. For those of you planning to donate at Gen Con and get those dice, let us know in the comments! Happy Rolling!




APN is going to Gen Con!

Happy July, Active Players! We are exactly one month away from Gen Con 2019 and we have a LOT of news for you.

Our Booth

This year APN will have our own booth: booth 2535! We’ll be running two amazing events, we’ll be doing Player Character Spotlight interviews (if you’re going to be at Gen Con and would like to be interviewed, fill out our application here), we’ll be doing Get the Game episodes, and we’ll be hanging out with all you incredible Active Players, so come stop by and say hi! We’ll be demoing some incredible games as well: Tokaido from Fun Forge, Catch the Moon by Bombyx, Tuki by Next Move Games, Century: New World by Plan B Games, Azul by Next Move Games, Men at Work by Pretzel Games, and the Godzilla Card Game by Bandai.

Keep an eye on our blog and our Facebook page for more about our two events we’ll be running. Speaking of which…


Roll 4 Child’s Play

This year, APN will be running a donation event for Child’s Play Charity, which brings games to children in pediatric hospitals and domestic abuse shelters. You can donate online or in-person at booth 2535. If you donate in person you can also receive one of our awesome APN D6’s, as well as opportunities for Child’s Play swag! If we raise $1000 by the end of the weekend, our partners at Metallic Dice and Mind Clash Games will be kicking in additional funds as well. We are so excited to get to support such an incredible organization and we hope you are too! We have started accepting online donations now so click here to get the ball rolling, or leave a comment if you plan to donate at Gen Con.


APN Mega Game Basket Giveaway 

We are doing a HUGE giveaway thanks to our friends at Child’s Play Charity, Portal Games, Metallic Dice, Leder Games, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Gamelyn Games - and more! During Gen Con (August 1-4) you can sign up for our mailing list to learn more about upcoming game releases, conventions, new episodes of Get The Game, Player Character Spotlight, and more. Us folks here at APN want to keep you informed about all things in the gaming world and joining our mailing list makes it that much easier on both sides. So you get a chance to stay in the loop AND you get the chance to win a giant basket of games! The winner will be randomly selected the week after Gen Con, and we’ll mail your package to you. You don’t have to be AT Gen Con to sign up or to win. Keep an eye on this page as we get closer to the event to learn more.


That’s it for now! What are you most excited about? Will we see you at Gen Con this year? Make sure to let us know!


Player Character - Mike Fehlauer Hayes


Player Character - Mike Fehlauer Hayes

Player Character Level 1, Episode 9.

"Gathering around in person - with a table - is humanity. We are a tribal species. We want to gather around that fire."

Meet Mike Fehlauer Hayes, Treasurer of Board of Directors at Child’s Play Charity.

Created by Anne Richmond and Active Player Network

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