Gen Con is just 2 weeks away! Where did the time go? We still have so much to talk about but this week we’re going to spotlight some of the games that are going to be at our demo tables at booth #2535 available both to try and to buy. 


First up is Tokaido by Fun Forge!


 The goal of the game: Have the most fulfilling journey as you travel the Eastern Road (Tokaido) from Kyoto to Teppan (modern-day Tokyo). Yeah. The winner of the game is the one who had the best time. And also earns the most victory points, but each point is representative of a fun experience so the point stands. Whoever has the most fun wins!

As you travel along the Tokaido you can stop at various locations like souvenir shops, temples, hot springs, and inns. You can also stop and enjoy the landscape or have a conversation with a local. Each experience gives you something, be it victory points, money, or opportunities to score victory points at a later time. And a very cool component that sets this game apart is that you can never share a space with another player, and whoever is farthest behind on the road gets to go first. So there really is a lot of strategy involved and many different ways to win (or prevent your friends from winning if you’re a competitive player whyiseveryonesuddenlylookingatme?)


 I played Tokaido recently with two people who don’t play a lot of board games. They told me it had just the right amount of rules in that it required strategy, but you didn’t get overwhelmed or forget different things you could do. They also said the fact that the cards themselves, and their places on the board, gave you reminders of what those cards did, so we didn’t have to constantly consult the rulebook. That’s always a good sign, when you feel challenged but not overwhelmed, and you want to play again to get better.


Tokaido is a game that has been out for a bit, in fact, last year it released its 5th anniversary edition. It has 2 expansions and a collector’s accessory pack that replaces the cardboard coins with metal coins, and the colored meeples with minis of each traveler (that I want to paint! Which is huge for me, see our My Little Pony post for my thoughts on mini painting).  It also comes with a CD of music that fits perfectly with the theme. All of these should be available at our booth, so you can start or expand your collection as you see fit.


 So, are you excited yet? Will Tokaido be one of the games you’ll be trying out with us at Gen Con? Let us know!