In exactly one week, our APN team will be en route to Gen Con, ready to bring you more entertainment, more content, and more games. 

Today we want to focus on our Mega Game Basket Giveaway (giveaway giveaway giveaway)! Starting on August 1st, we will have a link open to sign up for our APN mailing list. Adding your email will get you notifications for upcoming games we’re excited about, conventions we’ll be attending, sneak peeks, and more. AND! If you sign up between August 1-4, you’ll be entered to win our Mega Game Basket, with over a dozen prizes! 


Check out what you can win in alphabetical order: 

From Brotherwise Games: Call to Adventure 

From Child’s Play Charity: Child’s Play battery pack and water bottle

From Cryptozoic Games: DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth, Epic Spell Wars Deck-Building Game, and Spyfall Time Travel

From Gamelyn Games: Tiny Epic Defenders, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Tiny Epic Quest, Tiny Epic Western, and Tiny Epic Zombies 

From Leder Games: Root 

From Metallic Dice Games: Set of dice and dice tray 

From Mind Clash Games: Cerebria 

From Pandasaurus Games: Arraial, Dinosaur Island, and Machi Koro

From Portal Games: Empires of the North


This is a fantastic opportunity for people celebrating Gen Can’t as well! Even if you can’t make it to the con, you can still sign up for the mailing list and win all these prizes.


Are you planning on entering? What prize are you most excited about? 

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