It’s Gen Con Week! It’s finally here! By now you know we’ll be at booth 2535, that we’ll be filming new episodes of our shows, and that we’ll be demoing a whole bunch of games. If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll even know that some of these games will be on rotation because we just don’t have enough tables or demo staff to have every game available every day. We’ve been saying we’ll have a schedule for you, and here it is!


GenCon Demo table 1.jpg

Table 1: 

Tokaido and Namiji by Funforge. We will have representatives from Funforge there to demo both of these games. Namiji will not be available until the fall, so this is a great opportunity to learn a new game!


Gen Con demo table 2.jpg

Table 2: 

Catch the Moon by Bombyx. We will have this game available for demo and purchase all weekend.


GenCon Demo table 3.jpg

Table 3: 

Thursday: Azul by Next Move Games

Friday: Tuki by Next Move Games

Saturday: Century: A New World by Plan B Games

Sunday: Men at Work by Pretzel Games


Table 4: 

Thursday: Naruto Boruto Card Game by Bandai

Friday: Dragon Ball Super Series 7 by Bandai

Saturday: Godzilla Card Game by Bandai

Sunday: Dragon Ball Super Series 7 by Bandai.

We will have representatives from Bandai here to demo these games.


We are, of course, hoping you’ll stop by and visit us every day of Gen Con, but does this demo schedule make you prioritize certain days? Let us know, and we’ll see you soon!