Alright everyone! Every day is another day closer to Gen Con, and there is a LOT going on. We’re sure you have tons of plans and are trying to keep yourselves organized. To help you out, consider this our master list of everything that APN is doing at Gen Con. Save it, bookmark it, whatever you need to do. Just make sure you stop by and see us at booth 2535!


Demo Tables at booth 2535: APN will be demoing many games at our booth, and some will also be available for purchase. Learn more about TokaidoTuki, Azul, Century: A New WorldCatch the Moon, Men at WorkDragon Ball Super, Naruto Boruto, and Godzilla

The schedule for what games will be demoed on which days can be found here!


Roll 4 Child’s Play: Our donation drive we are running to benefit Child’s Play Charity. You can donate in person or online. All the information, including more about Child’s Play, can be found here.


#Roll4ChildsPlay: If you donate to the charity in person, you can receive limited-edition APN d6’s, while supplies last. Take a photo or video of them on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #Roll4ChildsPlay. The posts with the highest number of likes by the end of the convention will win a set of dice from Metallic Dice Games. Full post here.


Mega Game Basket Giveaway:Sign up for our mailing list to learn more about upcoming game releases, con attendance, and more. This can be done in person at booth 2535 or on our blog. More information (including what is in the basket) is here.


Adventures on the Show Floor: Anne and Risa will be making the rounds on the floor, playing games, chatting with people, and doing some Player Character Interviews. If you’d like to be considered for an interview please sign up here, and if you just want to hang out for a bit, make sure to keep an eye out and say hi!


Okay that should be it! What are you most excited about?