Our cup runneth over with games! Gen Con Demo Table Spotlight Week has turned into Gen Con Demo Table Spotlight Week And An Extra Day. Today we’re going to spotlight the three card games we’ll have in demo rotation: Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Boruto, and Godzilla! 

We are incredibly lucky, in that we have been able to procure representatives from Bandai to demo all of these games, so you can literally learn from the best.


Dragon Ball Super – Bandai

This collectible card game launched in 2017 and has been insanely popular. There’s a free app to learn how to play, and if you’re already familiar there are booster packs coming out regularly. People play casually with friends or at FLGS’s, or competitively in tournaments. Check out the turnout we saw at Origins.

DB Super 2 Origins.jpg

 Series 7 releases August 2, which is day 2 of Gen Con. So come try it, and if you like it you can grab the newest series right away!


Naruto Boruto – Bandai

This card game released just a couple weeks ago, so it is still very new and being talked about a LOT. It utilizes an all-new gaming system called the Chrono Clash System, created by world-renowned designer Ryan Miller. It’s got a fun back-and-forth style turn bar system that’s dependent on the value number of the card you play. So you have to be strategic in what you play, because your higher power cards may push the turn bar far onto your opponent’s side and give them extra turns.

We got to chat with Ryan Miller, earlier this year, and you can watch that interview right here:


Godzilla – Bandai

So Naruto Boruto is getting a lot of talk because it’s so new. But the next iteration in the Chrono Clash System hasn’t even released yet. Godzilla is planned for a September release, but because we have Bandai representatives at our booth we’ll be able to demo this game and get you hooked so that you run right into your FLGS the day it releases.

If the Chrono Clash System has you intrigued but Godzilla is more your theme, make sure to check back with APN after Gen Con, because we’ll be talking to Ryan Miller again while we’re there.




Which of these three games are you most looking forward to trying?