If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons you’ve probably already heard about the new campaign coming out in September: Baldur’s Gate, Descent into Avernus. And if you haven’t heard about it yet, congrats! Now you have. Announced on May 17, 2019, Descent into Avernus takes you right into the first level of the nine hells as you find yourself smack in the middle of the blood war between devils and demons. We are super excited to get to explore these new campaign settings and all there is inside.

Coins coins coins

Devils don’t deal in something as unremarkably mortal as gold and platinum. Down in Avernus you’ll be bartering in Soul Coins. And no, that’s not just a cool name. You’re literally going to be carrying the souls of the damned in your pockets. And they have more than just purchasing power. You can release the soul into a Lemure to be your servant, you can leech it for HP, or you can talk to it for information about your new hellscape. But the most exciting way to use it (for you, not the soul in the coin), is to power your new Infernal War Machine.

Mad Max: Avernus

In case you ever wanted to be Ghost Rider

In case you ever wanted to be Ghost Rider

If you’ve gotten to take a peak at the Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventure book, you’ll already know that vehicle rules are becoming the new Thing, and Descent into Avernus gives us a new type of vehicle with all new rules: The Infernal War Machine. From the giant Demon Grinder to the motorcycle-like Devil’s Ride, there are all sorts of customizable options to choose from as you traverse this hellish landscape mowing down demons, creatures, and anyone else who gets in your way. Don’t worry about their dying screams piercing your ears, they’ll be drowned out by the sounds of the soul in your Soul Coin literally burning up. For the righteous adventurers you can fight the warlords who drive these giant War Machines, or for the more adventurous, you can BECOME one of these warlords.


Your soul (and pretty much anything else), is up for trade 

Souls are the most powerful currency in Avernus, and you have one to barter with. You’ll be encountering tons of devils, and each one has something better to offer than the last. You can gain levels, special powers, hit points, or anything else you can think of to negotiate for. There is even talk of an archdevil that will guarantee you a natural 20 on your next death saving throw if you’ve already failed 2. Now who could say no to that? But beware: while deals may keep you alive, they may also keep you in Avernus forever. But is that really such a bad thing?


A literal fallen angel

So we’ve got cool trade mechanics, cool vehicle mechanics, and an incredible world to explore. But a story is only as good as it’s villain, and Descent into Avernus brings us Zariel: former celestial turned Archduchess and ruler of Avernus. She went into hell to end the war on her terms and wound up being so good at killing demons that Asmodeus himself offered her a job doing it full time. Whether you choose to fight her (good luck level 1-13 adventurers), or redeem her (good luck, she’s a devil), you’re sure to have some incredible roleplay encounters.

Yeah, our team can totally defeat her….

Yeah, our team can totally defeat her….


What’s got you most excited for Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus? Do you already have a character in mind? Let us know! And make sure to grab your copy from your Friendly Local Game Store when it releases September 17, 2019.