Hey Active Players! The Fourth of July is upon us, and you know what that means: America gets to get even more America-y. Barbecues, fireworks, and the tradition of throwing tea in the swimming pool. Was that last one just me? Anyway! Any holiday is a holiday for gaming, so here are 5 games with a focus on American history!


Century: A New World- Plan B Games

The last installment of Century from Plan B Games takes place in the Americas where you are exploring frontiers, interacting and trading with locals, and establishing trade houses. It’s an awesome worker placement game with a twist, a fantastic theme, and a lot of expansion opportunities and replayability when combined with the other Century games.



Axis and Allies- Wizards of the Coast

You’ve almost definitely heard of this one. It’s like Risk, but more complicated, and more rewarding. You’re playing as a country involved in World War II (of which the US is one) and your goal is to get your team to control the necessary amount of cities across the globe. This was one of the first strategy games ever made and it is definitely not for the new gamer. The board is as big as the rules, and it is a very cool board indeed. 



Freedom: The Underground Railroad- Academy Games

The goal of this game is to move as many slaves as possible out of America and into Canada. Heavy stuff, there’s no doubt about that. But sometimes games are a great way to address hard topics. This was a huge part of American history that can’t be ignored just because it makes people uncomfortable. This is a fantastic game to use in a small group in a classroom (or homeschooling) both because it includes a lot of historical events and persons, and because it creates a discussion amongst players. This is a great game for families with pre-teen or teenage children for the same reason. 



Superfight: The History Deck- Skybound Entertainment


And now for something completely different. Let’s yell at each other over which historical figures would win in a fight: Alexander Hamilton riding an armored bear versus Andrew Carnegie who breathes fire! That’s it: that’s the whole game. Argue with your opponent about why you’re right, and let the other players choose the winner. This expansion also includes blue location cards (in case you want to fight at the Grand Canyon) or purple attributes which are a requirement to use. Nothing says America like yelling about how right you are; so embrace it and get to fighting!


Marvel: Legendary Deck Building Game (Specifically the Captain American 75th Anniversary Expansion) - Upper Deck


The star-spangled man with a plan wants YOU to save the world! Legendary is a deck-building game with a very strong theme and tons of expansions. It’s a great choice for fans of Marvel, fans of deck-builders, and fans of cooperative games. And it’s Captain AMERICA so you have to play it on the 4th of July, right??


Will any of you be playing games on this holiday weekend? Comment and let us know!