Last week we journeyed to Columbus, Ohio for the 44th annual Origins Game Fair. The atmosphere was amazing from demo tables packed with excited active players to the Columbus Pride Parade marching by the convention center on Saturday with the support of citizens and gamers alike.

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If Gen Con seems like “a lot” to you, then Origins might be the perfect show for you to get your feet wet. You can easily walk the entire show floor to get a feeling for where everything is and then plan which demos you’d like to try during the course of the event. WizKids ran painting classes all weekend long, True Dungeon had three different adventures to try, and there were plenty of tables for rpgs and rooms dedicated to LARP. There are countless events in the evening and great food nearby, including the infamous Jeni’s Ice Cream, of which we absolutely availed ourselves.

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APN made eight new episodes of Get the Game covering Unicorn Glitterluck Cloudstacking, Century: A New World, the Clank! Acquisitions Incorporated Upper Management Pack, Lantern’s Dice, Imhotep the Duel, EXIT: Catacombs of Horror, Subtext, and Brikks! You can look for those to roll out over the next few weeks on our YouTube Channel, so make sure you’re subscribed

We also got to demo a few games and walk the show floor. We added an album of our exploits to Facebook and saved our Instagram story from the show so that you can get a front row seat to our adventures. 

Will we see you at Gen Con this year? Let us know in the comments!