With thousands of new board games released every year, it takes a near-impossible state of vigilance to keep up with the expansive buffet of titles that are available to us. Luckily, there’s no shortage of dedicated enthusiasts who actively share information about the games they enjoy most, either as a profession or as a generous contribution to the hobby they love.

Today, Active Player Network would like to take the time to introduce you to one of those individuals who we are especially thankful for: our friend Ido!

Ido: Photographer Extraordinaire and owner of @the_review_board on Instagram.

Ido: Photographer Extraordinaire and owner of @the_review_board on Instagram.

Ido is an active player from Chicago who’s stunning photo-sets highlight some of his favorite tabletop games and their components. His imagination and whimsy truly bring the games to life, encouraging viewers to step deep into the universes contained within each box. His unconventional style yields an outstandingly unique perspective that supplements the standard package and component photographs offered by game producers, inviting us to see these products in a new light: and to appreciate the craftsmanship and vision that go into bringing each product to market.

When Ido is not being a responsible adult (which is often), he can be found cooking, gaming, and honing his craft as a photographer.

Below, we invite you to scroll through some colorful aquatic shots that Ido shared with us to celebrate Emerson Matsuuchi’s new abstract strategy game: Reef, which hit Friendly Local Game Stores this week. Reef, brought to us by Next Move Games (who also released 2018’s Spiel des Jahres winner: Azul), is quickly becoming a favorite at my house, due to it’s subtle balance of simplistic rules and the potential for advanced strategy:

You can find more of Ido’s photography on Instagram @the_review_board.