I'll start out by saying that Gaslands has quickly become one of my favorite miniatures games of all time. It has just about the lowest barrier to entry for a minis game ever, clocking in at a whopping $19 for the rule book at your local game store! From there, you just need some Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars (if you don't have any they are about $1 a pop), some d6, and print outs of the templates in the back of the book and you're ready to start! If you want some higher quality dice and templates, check out your local game store or Gaslands.com to find sellers. There are a ton of resources on the game's official website too, including free updates, printable templates, printable car dashboards for stat tracking, new Sponsors, and lots more.

Seeing all the amazing fan submitted cars for Gaslands in our feature last month, I really wanted to give customizing my own crew a go. So I settled on a theme and started building a three car team from there. Choosing a theme wasn't very hard. The moment I started playing I knew I wanted to make the entire cast of Hanna-Barbera's Wacky Races. And what better to start with than #00, The Mean Machine!

To see how creative I could be, I put a limitation on myself: I had to make my cars from whatever I got out of a $20 Hot Wheels pack with random cars. Unfortunately, I didn't get a car that screamed "Mean Machine" but I did find two cars with parts I could smash together, the Twin Mill and the Salt Shaker.

With a plan in mind, I got to modding. Because this was my first time modding Hot Wheels, I unfortunately was so single-minded in my work I forgot to take pictures (forgive me!). But here's a rough outline: 1. Drill the rivets on the bottom of the cars to take them apart. 2. Strip the paint from any pieces you wish to paint. 3. Drill or cut away any unwanted parts. 4. Primer the pieces. 5. Paint the interior pieces. 6. Glue the car back together. 7. Paint!

"The Mean Machine" sponsored by Idris

"The Mean Machine" sponsored by Idris

The one major piece of modding I did was using a Dremel to cut a rectangle out of the hood out of the Twin Mill to slap a rocket from the Salt Shaker into the empty space. I then used Green Stuff to fill in Dremel cuts and the gaps between the rocket and car. Then I snipped a toothpick and stuck it in the middle of the rocket to give it that signature Mean Machine point. A few major mistakes I made were bending the front wheels and needing to replace them, not supporting the rocket while the Green Stuff hardened because it drooped, and applying primer to inside areas when it wasn't necessary (this made the car not fully snap back together).

Despite those missteps, the end result came out better than I hoped! I really like the dirty paint job, the "gold" pieces that you can tell were hastily spray-painted on parts to make them look fancier, and the way the rocket engine looks like it was just welded into place by an amateur. You'll also notice that there are no visible weapons. Sticking to the theme, Dick Dastardly and Muttley use Nitrous to zoom ahead of the pack and then drop Mines, Glue Traps, and Oil Spills to foil the other racers!   Come back next week and check out my next project: The Compact Pussycat!