In Wildlands from Osprey Games, you helm a faction of five characters in a post apocalyptic fantasy realm where they fight for dominance and survival via the collection of scattered crystal shards. 

The first decision you have to make is to select which faction you want to run the game with, and we're going to help you with that choice by featuring the incredible miniatures from the game, painting them up, and pairing them with a description of their faction from Osprey's rule book! As you know, the APN team will literally jump at any excuse to paint miniatures so I'm not sure why you'd be surprised by this choice - but that being said, the world behind Wildlands will suck you in and immerse you immediately. This week, we'll have a look at: The Gnomads.

Painted by Bobby Stickel.

The Gnomads

The roving bands of blacksmiths, tinkerers, and artificers who travel the old roads were named fro the gnomes, but are composed of many different races (so long as they are small enough to fit into the caravans). Extremely hard-working, most wagon-riders have a loyalty that rivals family. The gnomes Tak and Elsie have a particular talent for clockwork, giving Elsie back to the mobility she had lost, and bringing life to their helper, Automate. All they’re trying to do is keep each other alive.
— Wildlands

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