In Wildlands from Osprey Games, you helm a faction of five characters in a post apocalyptic fantasy realm where they fight for dominance and survival via the collection of scattered crystal shards. 

The first decision you have to make is to select which faction you want to run the game with, and we're going to help you with that choice by featuring the incredible miniatures from the game, painting them up, and pairing them with a description of their faction from Osprey's rule book! As you know, the APN team will literally jump at any excuse to paint miniatures so I'm not sure why you'd be surprised by this choice - but that being said, the world behind Wildlands will suck you in and immerse you immediately. This week, we'll have a look at: The Guild.

Painted by Bobby Stickel.

The Guild

The Venerable Guild of Mages is older than the Empire itself. This group of elderly witches and wizards has spent most of the last century in the Guild’s vast library, studying, debating, and advising the ruling class. they have age and power in common, but very little else. One thing they can agree on is the need to preserve magic, and to restore and protect their library. 

The mages are powerful but fragile, spellcasters, supported by Lunk, their mobile librarian. They seek to hoard and protect the rare magics trapped within certain shards, for the use of future generations. 
— Wildlands