Do you want an arsenal of pawns for your RPG's? We can't recommend Paizo's Pathfinder Pawns enough when it comes to volume, variety, and cost!

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The NPC codex is fantastic for all of your humanoid needs, whether you're letting your players choose one to represent them or you need to table a hoard of cultists to face off against their heroes. You'll find all the most common races represented - including halflings and gnomes - of all classes/genders. This is some of the best money you can spend if you're not ready to dive into miniature collecting and the boxes work for easy storage that fits right on your shelf next to your rule books.

Are you looking for monsters or something to represent druid or polymorph forms? Bestiary boxes are your best bet! They have a mixture of classic monsters and animals with beautiful art to match. If you are playing Pathfinder, each box's number corresponds to the bestiary book number so you won't have to guess whether what you're looking for is inside.

Looking to split the difference? The Pathfinder Society Pawn Collection features several humanoid and creature options for your table. These correspond to the Pathfinder Society adventure, but can easily be used for any game.

One of the best parts about these boxes is they come with stands that represent correct size foot prints from medium sized creatures on up to huge so you can be sure you're getting an accurate sense of scale even though each pawn is flat.

Do you own any of these boxes? How are you using them in your games?