I've done it again. I've got my eyes on another expensive, time intensive hobby and I don't care who knows it! What's next, you may ask? Warmachine: Hordes by Privateer Press! I have a friend who has been wanting to play for a while and as I get more interested in miniature painting, the challenge of building and customizing an army tantalizes and delights me.

Privateer Press does make it easy to start your Hordes journey with a Starter Box for each army. My friends have already selected the Trollbloods and Circle Orboros Battlegroups. At first I was kind of sad because "Druid" is my aesthetic and the Circle seemed like the best way to live that dream. However, "Winter Elf Witch" is a close second, so as soon as I saw the edritch-infused-drow-esque-matriarchal-horror of the Legion of Everblight, I was ALL IN.

The Starter Box is on its way, but I'm incapable of doing things by halves, so of course, now I'm building plans for whole potential army. That's when I found my new best boi: Proteus. Look at this horned squid face!

Proteus, Legion of Everblight, Warbeast

Proteus, Legion of Everblight, Warbeast

Let's get to know him shall we?

The dragonspawn Proteus is Absylonia’s greatest creation. With a mass of thrashing tentacles projecting from its horrible visage, Proteus is the dragon’s hunger given obscene form. This unnatural abomination drags its victims inexorably into the grasp of its waiting claws. Those ensnared die horribly as Proteus strips flesh from bone, filling the air with a bloody mist.

The Battle College Wiki has a log of great Warmachine info and you can read more about Proteus' abilities and features here. This is just one of those minis I loved so much that I had to figure out a way to field him even if it meant building an army for two separate warlocks in the same faction. 

As a total noob to this hobby, one thing I'm learning is that your Warlock (which is like your controlling general) sometimes gives bonuses or boosts to certain creature types or abilities, so if I wanted to build out more warbeasts like Proteus, I may want to build my army around Absylonia as my Warlock because she gives them extra abilities. Lore-wise, it seems like her experimentations have caused her to start to transform into a sort of demonic/beast like entity herself.

Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight

Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight

Conversely, Kryssa, who comes in the starter box I've ordered is a great entry point Warlock for the game because her spells are simple but effective and it seems, from what I've read, that she is very mobile and has powers that focus on speed and mobility for her army. Absylonia on the other hand has a huge focus on Warbeasts like Proteus in both of her two forms which each have slightly different bonuses and abilities. You can buy and use either one for your army.

I'm not sure which I will go with, but over all it looks like I'll be building an army I can adjust for Nyssa or Absylonia depending on my opponent. Plus, let's face it - I just want to paint all the things!

Are you a Warmachine: Hordes Addict? We're looking for your best advice for newbies! Let us know your tips in the comments.