Have you heard the good word about Lords of Hellas yet?

I have been chomping at the bit to get my hands on this treasure by Awaken Realms. My body is so ready for science fiction imbued Greek mythology. Between painting up all of the miniature elements and having the option to play in single player, campaign, and multiplayer modes, there are so many ways to enjoy this game that it's almost overwhelming.

There's nothing more nerve wracking to me than the pressure filled moments when I open a new game to set it up for my friends and have to explain the rules before we can get started. If you're like me, the anxiety comes from the fact that I want people to be excited about the gameplay and the art on the table rather than worrying about whether they're "doing it right" or having to halt gameplay constantly for rulings. Between shuffling decks and thumbing through instruction manuals, it's nice to have a chance to learn about the gameplay and victory conditions before I hit the table so that I provide my friends with best - and most fun - experience possible. If I have a working knowledge of how things should function, I can usually present the game in layers, providing rules or demo turns as needed to get everyone up to speed as we go, rather than needing to give an overwrought, yawn-inducing rules lecture at the start.

For Lords of HellasBoard Game Replay had me covered with this great "How to Play" video that walks through how to set up the game, hunt monsters, complete hero quests, build monuments, and battle enemies for region control. With all the rules laid out for me for the multiplayer game, I can shrug off that pressure and get to the fun stuff faster.

How do you prep to introduce a new game to your friends? Leave your advice in the comments!