This week we're looking at products that make it easier to jump into D&D or the worlds of the various published campaigns so you don't bite off more than you are prepared to chew. Here are some more great tools to introduce you to campaign settings and Faerun at large!

Even if you've moved past board games and want to jump into a role playing adventure, being handed a Player's Handbook or the Dungeon Master's Guide with 200+ pages of info per book can be a hard pill to swallow. Why not start out with a 5 pre-generated characters, a 64 page adventure module (Lost Mine of Phandelver), and a 32 page rulebook focused on levels 1-5? This box gives you everything you need to get playing quickly while keeping you from getting overwhelmed so you can focus on falling in love with Dungeons & Dragons. Before you know it, you'll be jumping into a published campaign or creating your own adventures!

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Not sure Tomb of Annihilation's tropical island full of volcanoes, overgrown jungles, dinosaurs, and pirates is right for you next adventure? Take a tour of the setting with the Tomb of Annihilation Board Game from WizKids and face the classic Dungeons & Dragons arch lich villain, Acererak! Unlike the other games in the D&D Board Game in the series, this game adds the Bard class and outdoor tiles to the mix.

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Are you considering running Rise of Tiamat or Hoard of the Dragon Queen from Tyranny of Dragons with your gaming group? Fan the flames with Wrath of Ashardalon by Wizards of the Coast! This game offers one session stories or campaign style play with classic D&D archetypal characters and no need for a Dungeon Master. This game will introduce you to classic dragon related story elements, behavior, and minions who typically serve/protect the terrifying wyrms that you're sure to meet when you play a Tyranny of Dragons campaign. 

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