DragonBall Super Card Game: Colossal Warfare launches on July 13th and I, for one, am super hype about anything that tugs at my nostalgia for Toonami binges of old. One of the great things about DBSCG is that it brings together elements from classic DBZ lore with characters from the Xenoverse video games.

In Colossal Warfare, we see the exciting addition of Demigra! If you are unfamiliar he is the big bad bent on shattering historic events across all of DragonBall, you team up with Trunks and the Time Patrol to put a stop to his machinations. It's exciting to see Xenoverse characters get included in the TCG because this is a chance to invite new players who loved the video games to the hobby to do battle together.

In this expansion, you can assist Demigra or fall in with the ranks of Goku's Lineage. Are you planning to side with Ultra Instinct or serve the God of Time? Let us know what you think of the factions in the comments!