It’s totally different if there’s something going on at the table that’s making you really uncomfortable, but if it’s the game itself that you’re having trouble with then that’s something you need to think about. If you’re having a hard time when you lose or when you win - or any part of it - that’s something that you need to look at.
— Greatway Games: Balancing Act

Gaming has a million benefits from teaching strategic thinking, to improving brain health, to stress relieve, to encouraging positive social interaction. Often times these positives are balanced by negatives - difficult time management, addiction, competitive rush, cost - it really depends on every player's relationship to the hobby and the individual games they play.  

This episode of the Greatway Games Podcast takes on both achieving balance in life through gaming as an escape, but also how to balance your emotions at the table and how to read your gaming group to make sure that you are making appropriate choices when selecting the game and playing it with the particular players involved.

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