Gen Con. The annual celebration of all things tabletop gaming, and it’s upon us once again. For some, it’s the defining event of their summer, being the largest tabletop convention in the US by far, and simply for being an absolute spectacle to behold its grand scale. For others however, attending the show is sometimes just out of reach. Maybe it overlaps with a separate family vacation, or you just can’t get that much time away from work. Or maybe just the fact that flying across country for conventions can be expensive, even before adding in costs for hotels (if you can get one!), meals, and picking up all the new hotness on the show floor, of course. So, what do passionate gamers do when they can’t Gen Con? They Gen Can’t.


Gen Can’t is “The Unconvention” for folks who are excited about all the buzz surrounding Gen Con but aren’t able to make the trip themselves. Started in 2014 by intrepid gamers who found themselves in that very predicament, Gen Can’t is an awesome way to connect fans of gaming all over the world through their passion for the hobby, all from the comfort of their own home. What started as a mere Twitter hashtag has grown into something so much more, with the community surrounding it running contests, virtual events, and more. Even publishers have gotten on board the Gen Can’t train, with many making donations for giveaways of even their hottest new releases, really helping bridge the gap between Gen Con attendees and Gen Can’t participants.

If you’re one of those gamers with hopes of attending Gen Con someday but this just wasn’t your year, consider joining in on the fun with #GenCant! You can even print up your own Gen Can’t badge here to really sell that authentic convention experience. Most importantly though, spend this week having fun! Play some games, share pictures and stories on social media, and tell the world how much fun you’re having. And you get to do it without fighting 60,000 person crowds and lines… hmm, who are the real winners here?! 😊

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