Last week, we got hype for the Magic: the Gathering Core Set 2019 Draft Weekend and this week we are going ham for Dragon Ball Super TCG's Draft Box 03!

Why is drafting awesome?

There are two major challenges when it comes to TCG play. 

  1. Finding other players who are into the same game and have decks ready to go. 
  2. Making sure you have balanced decks at your table. When one player has been collecting for a while, they typically outmatch newer opponents regardless of skill level. 

The best thing about buying a Dragon Ball Super draft box is that you and three of your friends can pool your money for the purchase and dig in together to create four fairly balanced starter decks right away and Bandai provides rules for tournament play that either allow you to award cards as trophies in various ways at the end of your game or keep the decks you drafted. Each box contains 4 foil versions of the same Leader card, so if you don't get the one you want, unfortunately you can't trade with a friend for the one you, but you can, of course, try your luck again with another box. 


Aside from the four leader cards, each box includes 12 Colossal Warfare boosters, 12 Themed O2 boosters, a draft rules manual, and 1 sheet. For an example of how to draft cards, see Dragon Ball Super TCG's draft breakdown from Draft 01. Once you've opened all your booster packs and drafted your cards, you can run a 4 way round robin tournament right out of the box. 

Leader cards haven't been announced for this Draft Box yet and we are chomping at the bit to find out who could be lurking in these treasure chests! What leaders do you think we'll see in Draft Box 03!